Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Talk- Digital Media Artist

I watched the lecture "Digital Media Artist" by Mary Flanagan on Youtube. The talk was about art and the emerging technologies that tie in to traditional art to make digital media. Digital media is seen as a fairly new field, and can be hard to pinpoint, as digital art can be created with man different programs and with different techniques. She also went on to talk about performative art and video art and brought up Nam Jun Paik. She also talked about interactive art and how video games are also incredibly related to digital media.
She also began to talk about her own digital work. I went ahead and did some research outside of the video and found a few interesting works. One of them called [domestic], is a modification of the video game Unreal Tournament and creates a sort of home life environment. It explores memory and also has a bit of a claustrophobic feel. She also added text onto the environment that triggers different memories, one of them being a house fire.
Another work I found interesting of her is the work [xyz], and is an interactive piece in which viewers are able to make poetry utilizing a 2D side scroller game. It has an X and a Y axis that have different words and phrases that can be used.
Digital media has transformed art, making it more interactive and accessible to the general public. Flanagan has also helped make this happen with her works being rather interactive, and anyone can play them.

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