Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lecture- Digital Media Arts

I watched the lecture led by Cory Arcangel called Digital Media Arts. He talked about his work which included appropriation of video games and music being modified for art. One of his works, titled 8 Bit Construction Set, was a record of music created with the Atari and Commodore consoles and includes scratch tones and loops. It was essentially created to be a battle record. Another work by Arcangel called Super Mario Clouds, is a game cartridge hack of the Super Mario Bros. game for the NES. It removes all of the game's graphics, just leaving behind the sky and clouds, and essentially scrolling forever. This is considered to be one of his most famous works. The last work that Arcangel discussed was his work titled Super Slow Tetris. It is nor a hack, but rather a modification of the Tetris video game made to run at an incredibly slow speed.
Being a huge fan of video games I appreciate his work. It also made me think about video games that have been modified and hacked to be made into its own game, such as the Pokemon ROM hacks that are available online. Many games in this series have been hacked to be made into versions that do not exist, such as Pokemon ShinyGold or Moemon.

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